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Our children’s shoes range in style from traditional to different. You will find kids shoe styles from Aster, Mod8, Naturino, Primigi, Dansko, Sanita, New Balance, Tsubo, Nina, Merrell, Yellow Box and many more. You’ll also find a large selection of girl’s hair accessories, socks and hosiery, children’s raincoats and rainboots.

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 Our featured brands include TOMS, Keen, Chaco’s, Cole Haan, UGG Australia, OluKai, Havaianas, Rainbows, Sun San, Chooze, Yellow Box, Jack Rogers, Chocolat Blu, Bed Stu, Mooshu, Naturino, Footmates,Tsukihoshi, Primigi, New Balance, Dimmi, Jambu and many others! 

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Shop our HUGE selection of Girl’s Hair Accessories! You’ll find a large variety of fun and fashionable hairbows, bands, clips and ponytail holders including seasonal styles.

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We also have a fantastic selection of children’s Rainwear including raincoats, boots, umbrellas, and backpacks.

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How to Combine Printed Tees for Kids

If you want to know how to combine printed tees for kids, then you’ve come to the right place. If you have a child, you would want him to look good and stand out when he is in a crowd. So don’t get him what other kids are wearing. For sure you have seen these boring-looking clothes and perhaps your kid own quite a number of them. These include the polo shirt, the plaid shirt, and those plain t-shirts that really don’t say much about your kid’s style or personality. The best thing you can do if you want your kids to have unique clothes is to get him printed tees. The best thing about printed t-shirts is that you can mix and match them together or combine them with other pieces of clothing to come up with an attire that is truly unique. Kids love these printed tees because it comes with designs that they can relate to. They would go absolutely crazy, of course, if you get them a shirt that features their favorite superhero or cartoon character. Printed t-shirts are never boring. If you’ve ever seen the ones made for kids, then you know how cute they can get. These t-shirts also come in different colors. If you want to know how to combine printed tees for kids, you first to consider what your kid wants.

For sure he/she has a favorite color. He should also be the one to decide what print he/she wants on the t-shirt. After all, your child is the one who is going to wear the t-shirt and not you. Most parents have an idea of how they want to dress their child. Of course they only have the best intentions of their child in mind. They just want their kid to look as cute as he/she can be. But what they fail to do is ask their child what he/she wants. So it is not an uncommon occurrence for parents to buy something that their child refuses to wear because they failed to consider what their child wants. For many households, dressing up can be likened into a battle. But it does not have to be that way. Do you remember the time when your mom had to force you something you don’t want to wear? Then why are you doing the same thing to your child.

If you get them printed t-shirts for sure he/she would want to wear them, He’ll probably even proudly show it off to his/her friends in school. There is a good chance that he’ll be the one who will beg you to dress him/her up. Printed t-shirts go well with almost anything. Of course, they are best worn with a versatile pair of jeans. When the weather is hot, they can be worn with shorts or skirts for girls. If your child is going to have an active day, then you can pair his/her favorite printed tee with sweat or jogging pants. Need to go somewhere fancy? Your kid can still wear his favorite printed t-shirt. Just let him wear a jacket or blazer over it. For a girl, she can wear the t-shirt with a nice skirt for a more formal look.

Printed t-shirts are so versatile, They can be worn for almost all occasions and purposes. They are perfect for spots. Just make sure that you get that is made of cotton for your child’s comfort. These t-shirts can also be worn when you go you the mall. They can be worn during the summer when the weather is hot. During the winter season, they can be worn under a jacket to keep your kids warm. The type of printed t-shirts available are almost unlimited. You can go for the official licensed products from your kids’ favorite TV show or cartoon or you can buy those made by up and coming artists. They also come in different sizes and fits so for sure you will be able to find one that your kids will love. Indeed, printed t-shirts are the ultimate staple item for kids. Mixing and matching them can be fun. Combining these t-shirts with different outfits will present an almost endless number of possibilities.

You can easily buy printed t-shirts for kids online. So there is no need for you to drag your kid to the mall or store.

Proper Rain Gear For Kids

Stomping and jumping continuously through a puddle is basically a part of a toddler’s or kid’s job description. And while they do this you as a parent need to make sure that they don’t soil their clothes because of all the jumping around in the muddy water. Therefore it is essential that your kids have the right kind of rain gear that will protect them and their clothes from rain and also other stuff on the ground that may make its way on their clothes or skin. There is no harm in buying and always having good quality rain gear equipment for yourself and your kids. Below is a list of all the things you may need to repel the water that falls out of the sky:

  1. This is undoubtedly obvious; a raincoat is the main thing you’ll need to not get wet in the rain. No matter what kind of coat you prefer, do not choose one that it stiff and makes it hard for you to move. Choose one that has layers so that it can keep you warm as well. A poncho can surely be effective as well, and it will also look adorable on the kid.Rain coat
  2. An umbrella paired up with a raincoat will surely keep you dry. Toddler sized umbrellas are surely available, and these things are easy-to-grip as well. The toddler models are made for the kids and will be very safe. There will undoubtedly be no pointy or poky ends. There are multiple superheroes and Disney options that your kids will love.
  3. Get them a pair of rain boots, especially if your kids are a bunch of puddle jumpers, without a care in the world. The size selection must be done very carefully when it comes to rain boots because an ill-fitting pair would risk your kid of a twisted ankle. While shopping for one, it is advised that your kid accompany you so that they can choose one they like.
  4. Waterproof gloves are also one other thing that a toddler should have. If you live in a stormy region, then make sure your kids have waterproof gloves to go with their raincoat and rain boots. In many cases, there is usually a combo-offer for all of these products. You can get all of them at a reasonable price as well.


The rain can be something that your kids can enjoy a lot, but there is absolutely no harm in being prepared. Pack these items with them when they are leaving the house so that they can stay protected. Teach them how to put them on and also how to use them. Do not spring for products that are too expensive because kids grow really fast and those products may be obsolete in months.

Everyday Outfit Ideas for Little Girls

It’s a regular day, and you are scrolling through your Instagram feed, you happen to come across an incredibly cute outfit that an adorable kid is wearing, and you wonder where you can get clothes like those to dress your cute kid in. You usually get some amazingly cute outfits for toddlers and also kids of all age groups in brands like Zara Kids, GAP Kids, GAP Baby, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger Kids, etc. All of these brands offer some really stylish and cute choices that you can buy for your children. I have listed a couple of outfit ideas below, do take a look:

    1. Pair up leggings with chambray and a pair of oxford shoes. Put on a pair of dark-coloured sunglasses and complete the look with the perfect top knot bun.
    2. How about a printed top or a shirt, which is tucked into a white pant (trouser), paired up with a white-blue fedora and sandals?
    3. Now, this is a good one. A black dress paired with a sleeveless denim jacket. This one will always remain a classic on account of its timelessness. Throw in (not literally) a pair of dark sunglasses, a necklace and a beautiful leather sling bag; your outfit is complete. Little Girls outfit ideas
    4. Why don’t you put a white top with floral patterns with some dark blue jeans? Make her wear a pair of casual sneakers with a beautiful flower in her properly braided hair. Give her a cute little bag with some goodies in them. And why not throw in a printed scarf that compliments the whole look?
    5. A plain white t-shirt under a lace top with a very cute pair of denim shorts paired up with high boots with frills. The boots can be black or darkish brown; both will work. Give her a pair of reflectors and a Swarovski white gold bracelet to complete the whole look.

  1. A Gucci sweatshirt with a pair of jeans is the definition of a classic and timeless pairing. Give her some color-complementing sneakers to go with it.
  2. A cozy and also sassy white dress with a beautifully patterned jacket with a brown belt on the waist. Complete it off with a pair of very high brown leather boots. A white scarf, comfortably placed around her neck, would be incredibly cute indeed.
  3. A chambray shirt tucked into a navy blue skirt with some leopard printed shoes is a winner outfit any given day.
  4. This look is retro-inspired; a denim jumper with a peach top and a bandana on the top. Finish off the look with some Ray-Ban aviators and finally, a pair of black or brown t-strap sandals.

Choosing Adorable Shoes For Your Infant

It is indeed safe to state that baby shoes are incredibly adorable because there is just something about those tiny little feet wearing a tiny shoe that always makes people go “awwww” when they even just glance at them. It is also very important that you buy shoes that are perfect for your baby. You need shoes that comfort your baby’s feet; it should be soft and just the right size. Tight shoes will inevitably cause the baby a lot of, and when the baby is annoyed, you are the one who has to calm him/her down and make them feel better.

–    You should know how to choose the right kind for your baby. If you don’t, there are ways to learn. Use your fingers to feel the inside of the shoes that you’re considering, make sure that it is soft and most importantly, very light. A heavy shoe may be okay for adults, but for babies that are just learning to walk, they will need a pair that will help them walk and not hold them back because if the weight of the shoe.


–    Give more than one thought, when it comes to the sole of the shoe. If your baby hasn’t started walking yet, he/she will surely need a different kind of shoe and not the kind that they will use to move around. When a baby crawls, he won’t need shoes at all, but for a baby that has just started walking or still learning to walk (pre-walking stage), they will need a very comfortable and light pair of shoes. The kind of sole you choose should totally depend on the kind of activity the baby is doing.

–    The shoes really have to be stretchy and flexible. Tight shoes are a big no-no for babies. Stiffness is not at all welcome. Babies will not walk if their feet are not comfortable. Their toes will have to have enough space to wiggle or move a little bit at least. Pick a pair that works perfectly for the baby. If your baby is old enough to have preferences which they will by the time they are 2, then take them shopping with you and let them decide which they prefer.

–    Most importantly pick out shoes that are very easy to put on. Babies are surely impatient little beings. To make your life and your baby’s life easier, go for shoes that are slip-on and slip-off. Make it so that putting the shoe on your baby should be a 5-second task and nothing more. Slide-on and slide-off shoes are the best kinds because they are rarely too heavy, which makes them perfect for the baby.


Best Sneakers For Children

Children are some of the most energetic and fun loving beings on the planet. No matter what you do, it is indeed hard to clamp down their enthusiasm and craze for running around all the time for no apparent reason. It is indeed vital that they have the right kind of footwear when they are doing these extremely physical and swift activities. It is crucial that they have good quality footwear that will keep their feet protected in all terrain. Its actually not just the kids that want to be so physically active, even their parents tend to force them to attend gym class, basketball training, football training, etc. all kinds of activities that require to be very physically active. Therefore the children need a high-quality shoe that will help those young athletes do their thing without any hassles.


    1. At the Brooklyn kids store Runnin’ Wild, the Old Soles baby’s and kid’s high top sneakers are indeed a popular choice since they have been made with amazingly soft leather and some nice styles. The Velcro closure and also the rubber sole is a perfect choice for all those endless hours in the parks.
    2. Nike Huarache: The Extreme Sneaker is a fantastic choice for those who kids who love to participate in sporting endeavors. The shoes have proven to be one of the best choices because it is so easy to put one and even easier to take off. The Velcro is like the cherry on top. Which kid likes to tie up their laces multiple times in a day? Nike is at the top of their shoe game, and they don’t show any signs of slowing down.
    3. Another entry from Nike, the Nike Kids Revolution makes it to the top of the list when it comes to kids’ favorites, only because of the fact that it is so perfect and so light as well. It is a shoe that keeps your feet secure and cool. Easy-to-close and open Velcro system makes it a fantastic option for your school days.

  1. I am sure you saw coming, the next entry in the list, the Puma Kids Spirit TT made for kids of all ages. This one is especially made for high performance running and also can be worn to play football. It is undoubtedly not ideal for basketball because of its pointy sole which helps with running on sandy, grassy or muddy rel=”nofollow”surfaces. This maintains friction and helps the runner to stay in form and not skid or fall.
  2. You are probably wondering why Adidas isn’t on the list, so here it is, the Adidas Swift Run J Sneaker. Kids surely start prioritizing the look of the shoe over comfort, as they start growing up. But this one packs it all in an amazing looking shoe.

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